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Do You Need Skilled and Experienced Condo, Commercial, Rental & Residential Property Management Services in the Toronto Area?

ICC® Property Management has over 25+ years of experience providing commercial and residential property management services designed to help ensure your property is expertly operated and maintained to maximize your investment while catering to the needs of your residents.

With ICC® ‘s award-winning property management services you will:

  • Benefit from a full suite of managed services
  • Protect your investment with best in class maintenance
  • Experience award winning condo and commercial management
  • Ensure compliance with all government regulations
  • Give your residents a caring sense of community
  • Leave the hassle of being a landlord to us

ICC® Stands for Integrity, Commitment, and Care since 1992.

Communities throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas have unique property management needs. From maintenance and housekeeping requirements to bookkeeping and accounting, ICC® Property Management can help communities achieve their goals and provide quality services to both residents and the boards of directors who serve them.

Here are just a few areas where ICC® can provide help and guidance:

ICC® ’s skilled team is able to provide the best condo property management in Toronto, maintaining and preserving the quality of buildings and grounds within each community and providing comprehensive financial and administrative services.

Commercial property management in Toronto presents its own set of challenges and requirements. Cost control and tenant services are key in attracting and retaining long-term occupants.

When it comes to residential and rental property management in Toronto, customizable services are important for controlling costs and enhancing revenue as well as services that takes the hassle out of being a landlord while caring diligently for residents and keeping them satisfied.

Outstanding Townhouse Property Management solutions provided by ICC®  are designed to take complete day-to-day administrative, financial, and maintenance care of your residential real estate portfolio in order to ensure that your property retains its value for multiple years to come.

ICC® has been providing skilled condominium management Toronto for more than 25+ years. The ICC® team of property managers has the knowledge and experience needed to provide comprehensive management services.

The Condominium Act lays out many of the requirements that associations and communities have to fulfill. These requirements include maintenance of owner registries, enforcing compliance with the Declarations, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of the community, and regular meetings of the residents and the board of directors.

Financial services are also important, and communities benefit from fair collections practices and advanced planning. Money management is important to ensure funds for ongoing needs, like minor repairs and maintenance, to planning for major expenditures such as equipment replacement or extensive unexpected damage.

When dealing with other property management issues, such as housekeeping and maintenance, community reporting, and other clerical tasks, strict attention to detail from property managers is required in order to provide the best service possible to tenants and residents. Having someone on-call to handle emergency issues is also important, so residents know that they have somewhere to turn when building problems arise, even after-hours.

Complying with all of these requirements can become difficult to keep up with, which is why hiring a professional property management company like ICC® is key for communities wanting to maintain profitability. It is also important for keeping tenants and residents happy and maintaining a high quality of life in Toronto’s various communities.

R.M.T. and Chief Visionary Officer Steven Christodoulou, RCM, understands all of these requirements and concerns and takes a hands-on approach in making sure they are addressed with each client. He founded ICC® on strict principles of service and integrity, and he and his team provide high-quality management services to each of ICC® ’s clients with a fanatical devotion to communication and honesty.

ICC®, the leader among all of Toronto’s Property Management companies, is a corporate member in good standing of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). The company is also part of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), for which Mr. Christodoulou serves as President and member of the board. They maintain an ACMO 2000 certification, and the team receives ongoing training to ensure they follow industry best practices.

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