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Are You Looking to Increase Both Your Condominium’s Value And Its Residents Satisfied?

Maintenance of your building’s common areas is important for keeping both your residents satisfied and the value of your condominium high. ICC® has been maintaining high-quality hallways, sidewalks, and greenery for years. We do the work properly so you can reap the benefits.

ICC® ’s condominium maintenance services:

  • Include a wide range of services including housekeeping, maintenance staff, landscaping, cleaning, and much more
  • Leverage the expertise we’ve developed over years of being one of Toronto’s leading property managers
  • Ensure your property values and customer satisfaction are kept high
  • Utilize a variety of strategic partnerships to provide you with the best possible service

One of the most important condo management services a company can offer is maintenance management. While owners are generally responsible for the upkeep inside of their units, there are a number of common elements that require attention as well. Everyone in the community uses areas such as hallways, sidewalks, and green spaces. In some communities, extensive landscaping is required, while others need special attention paid to common interior areas.

All of these elements have a significant impact on residents’ quality of life, as well as the overall property value. Buildings should be kept in good shape so that residents and owners can enjoy living there. Many people who occupy condominiums also want the convenience of a management company, so that they can enjoy well-manicured green areas and meticulously maintained halls and lobbies without having to do it all themselves.

ICC® Property Management includes maintenance in its catalogue of available condo management services, along with its financial, community and administrative condo management services in Toronto. They have strategic partnerships with a number of high-quality contractors that allow them to secure these services efficiently and affordably. They can then pass these savings along to residents in the form of lower fees and better service.

Here are just a few of the options available via ICC® Property Management:

  • Interior housekeeping services
  • On-site maintenance staff
  • 24/7 emergency hotline for after-hours maintenance issues
  • Discerning selection and supervision of staff
  • Proper scheduling of cleaning and maintenance contractors
  • Implementation of long-term maintenance and replacement plans for major components
  • Strong relationships with local contractors for quality and savings
  • Enforcement of standards for residents for upkeep around units, such as pet policies and restrictive covenants on use

Many residents in high-rise condominiums want to ensure their property values remain high and want to maintain a high standard of living for themselves and their neighbours. ICC® Property Management knows how to cater to the discerning clientele to ensure the best service available, delivered in a discreet and professional manner.

All services offered by ICC® comply with the ACMO 2000 standards for condo property management companies in Toronto and other areas and follow industry best practices for customer service and care.

ICC® is proud to offer industry-leading maintenance management services. Contact us now to learn how we’ll keep your condominium clean and beautiful.

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