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ICC® is one of Toronto’s premier property management companies. We pride ourselves on our high levels of integrity, dedicated commitment, personalized care for each client, and going above and beyond to provide the highest level of service.

ICC® ’s property management services are:

  • Powered by our industry-leading leadership team
  • Staffed by a team with diverse skill sets to best serve your needs
  • Backed by the credibility we’ve developed – a promise from ICC® is as good as gold
  • Able to foster a culture of growth and development as we strive to continuously improve

ICC® Property Management Ltd. started in 1992 as the brainchild of Steven Christodoulou, who now serves as the company’s sole owner and Chief Visionary Officer and CEO. Since that time, it has grown under his leadership to stand out among Toronto property management companies as one of the premier companies in the industry. He takes a personalized and hands-on approach with each client that comes to ICC® for property management services, fostering the company with a strong emphasis on customer service, integrity, and transparency.

Over the years, ICC® has grown into a company of property managers Toronto turns to when looking for guidance on best practices and standards for excellence. Their core purposes are to maintain an exceptional company culture and to drive change and lead by example. Their portfolio includes everything from small townhouse complexes to high-rise buildings in some of the more luxurious areas Toronto has to offer. Their credibility is second to none in the industry: a promise by ICC® is a guarantee that won’t go unmet.

Steven is a Past-President of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario, an organization with which ICC® has had a long-standing relationship. He has been part of a number of important committees responsible for developing the culture of the property management industry as it stands in Toronto today, including committees for Certification and Standards, Ethics, Professional Development, Government Relations and Membership. His involvement, dedication, and hard work at ICC® has made it the only one of the Toronto property management companies that have earned the ACMO Corporate Member of the Year Award twice, both in 2008 and 2010.

ICC® Property Management Ltd. and Steven Christodoulou, R.C.M. & Chief Visionary Officer are featured in the book by Michael Caldwell: “The Corporate Wizards”.

An inspiring book with in-depth profile, world-class growth and success stories of young [less than ten years] companies led by entrepreneurs who take company building to a high art form. These notable leaders possess the key traits necessary for success;

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Whether a community needs a full-service property management firm or just some support for administration or maintenance, ICC® can provide comprehensive and compliant assistance in every area. Contact us to get started today.

ICC® Stands for Integrity, Commitment, and Care since 1992.

Company Profile

ICC® Property Management Ltd. brings to you a highly experienced and innovative executive team whose decades of knowledge and experience provide exceptional service to ICC® ’s clients. Due to their varied corporate strengths, educational backgrounds and different areas of specialization, the overall result is an effective team whose goal is to strive for excellence by bringing their combined skills and their hand-on philosophy to service their clients.

Are you playing to WIN or are you playing not to lose?

Steven Christodoulou
R.C.M. Chief Visionary Officer

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Steven founded ICC® Property Management Ltd. in 1992 and has successfully fostered the growth of ICC®, while adhering to a strict commitment to service and integrity.

As sole owner of ICC®, Steven has a philosophy of maintaining a personal and hands-on approach to the physical and financial management of each property in ICC® ’s portfolio. In addition, his financial acumen and organizational skills strengthen ICC® ’s commitment to providing the best and most cost-effective service.
One of Toronto’s Best Property Management Companies and Most Qualified Property Managers.

One of Toronto's Best Property Management Companies and Most Qualified Property Managers.View Steven’s Linked In Profile

Judy ACMO Awards

Judy A. Statham
R.C.M. President

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As a veteran in the industry Judy brings over 22 years of excellence in the property management field to the ICC® Team.  Her style of leadership and authenticity truly validates our customers’ expectations in “experiencing the difference”.

Her expertise in luxury condominiums, new developments, project management, working closely with Directors and supporting our Property Managers gives the tools to our family of clients to help achieve their goals and realize their visions. Her past experience and successes in the industry grants her the ability of ensuring that ICC® lives up to its name when undertaking to care for all Condominium Corporations in the ICC® portfolio.

Terry Godier, Senior Compliance and Strategy Officer

Terry Godier,
Vice-President, Administrative and Financial Services

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Terry will be responsible for new innovations and strategies that will enable ICC to continue to lead the industry in customer service and employee focus, ensuring customer retention and strategic growth.


Onofrio Callipo,
Director of Construction

See Details About Onofrio

Onofrio (Ono) started his career very early on, working as a portfolio property manager where he gained extensive experience working with condominium boards, homeowners, contractors and engineers. However, most of you will recognize him from his tenure as the Owner and President of USRL for a quarter of a century. Ono was responsible for the day-to-day operations including working with property management companies, condominium board of directors, engineering firms, suppliers, and other construction companies. Onofrio’s knowledge of building rehabilitation is quite extensive including curtain wall repairs, balcony reconstruction and waterproofing, window and balcony railing replacement projects, masonry repairs, garage slab rehabilitation, roof deck waterproofing, expansion joint replacements, and general construction, including retaining walls, and Interlock paving. Onofrio’s knowledge is very extensive; from simple projects to multi-million-dollar projects. Solving water issues is one of his specialties.


Ernest Tsui

See Details About Ernest

Ernest has spent many years in the condominium management industry and has earned the respect of not only our clients, but all reputable condominium audit firms. One of his strengths is attention to detail when it comes to financial statement review and ensures that our financial packages are prepared efficiently, accurately and on-time.

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INTEGRITY Striving to build strong, trusting and long lasting relationships by delivering trust, honesty and strict ethical processes.

COMMITMENT We are committed to our profession, loyal to the people around us and focused on learning and personal growth. All with a view to enhancing our lives and making our communities a better place to live.

CARE Truly care about our clients, each other, the image we project for ourselves and care about the residents in our communities. Caring is the promise we make to ourselves and to others when we are trusted with the management of their single biggest investment.

WE DELIVER “WOW” It’s all about the experience. Going above and beyond the call of duty, providing true value to our clients.

ICC® ’s was founded and continually strives:

 To create an awesome culture where we are driven by personal growth.

 We seek change and are leaders in a ridiculously fast paced, challenging and diverse environment.

Brand Promise

Five star management

Exceeding clients expectations and delivering service at a higher level.

Peace of mind

24 hour emergency line, managers always available.

Hands on Attention

Senior Management team is always available to support our clients and managers.

Fanatical Communication & Follow up

We deliver from start to finish.

Extreme Customer Service

We get the job done!

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