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ICC® Property Management has been offering award-winning property management services to Brampton real estate owners for over 25+ years, including expert administration, maintenance, and financial management services that will help you maximize your property’s potential.

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Dubbed Canada’s Flower City, Brampton is a growing area in Ontario, with a population of close to 600,000 residents. Among these residents, there are over 209 different ethnic backgrounds, each one represented with the unique mix of amenities found within the city, from multicultural festivals to exotic restaurants and boutiques.

Aside from providing Scarborough and the GTA property management, ICC® provides exceptional Brampton property management in this area, catering to its dynamic population. These services are of particular importance due to the importance the city places on the cleanliness and upkeep of its buildings. Brampton is well-known for its focus on beauty, with extensive floral displays and a wide range of natural retreats.

Brampton is also known as an International Safe Community, a designation it earned from the World Health Organization, and is among just 11 other North American cities to achieve such an honor. With such a strong reputation for both aesthetics and safety, residents expect a high standard of service from Brampton property management companies.

Aside from its diverse population and strong culture, Brampton is well-positioned for ongoing growth, meaning that more residential communities are inevitable. Approximately 18,000 new residents are moving to Brampton each year, and it is steadily climbing the ranks, currently standing at the 9th largest Canadian city, and the 3rd largest city located in the Greater Toronto Area.

Brampton is also easily accessible from the Toronto Pearson International Airport, making it an excellent hub for business. Over 8,500 businesses already call the city home, attracted by the diverse culture, youthful and modern labor force, and the growing amenities that making living there an attractive option.


ICC® ’s skilled team is able to provide the best condo property management, maintaining and preserving the quality of buildings and grounds within each community and providing comprehensive financial and administrative services.

Commercial property management presents its own set of challenges and requirements. Cost control and tenant services are key in attracting and retaining long-term occupants.

When it comes to residential and rental property management, customizable services are important for controlling costs, rent collection and enhancing revenue as well as services that takes the hassle out of being a landlord while caring diligently for residents and keeping them satisfied.

Outstanding Townhouse Property Management solutions provided by ICC®  are designed to take complete day-to-day administrative, financial, and maintenance care of your residential real estate portfolio in order to ensure that your property retains its value for multiple years to come.


ICC® serve clients throughout the GTA and is expanding its presence in Brampton, living up to the high standards that residents have come to expect in the area. ICC® is also ACMO 2000 certified, reflecting their dedication to ongoing improvements to the industry so they can provide updated services to each client. ICC® ’s owner, Steven Christodoulou, is involved with each client that the company accepts, and is highly concerned with resident satisfaction in every community they manage.

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