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Partnering with ICC® Property Management for your Durham buildings means you can benefit from 25+ years of award-winning expertise to help you maximize the return on your investment while leaving the administration, maintenance, and financial matters to us.

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Durham Property Management

From urban areas sprawling across the lakeshore to various farms that dot the landscape, Durham Region is a diverse area in the heart of Ontario. It lies along the Golden Horseshoe, which spans from Niagara Falls to Oshawa, and is adjacent to the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area.

These various types of communities make Durham Region property management a unique kind of challenge, requiring a company that knows how to cater to urban, suburban, and rural communities. At ICC®, we can provide residents with high quality services, regardless of location. Our service area also extends to providing a wide range of Brampton property management as well.

Durham Region itself is characterized by a younger population, providing it with a strong labor force equipped with modern skills. In these types of instances, condo living is often highly desirable, as it permits young people to take the path to property ownership while relieving them of many maintenance burdens, giving them time to focus on building families and careers.

The region is also known for its modern comforts, with strong transportation and social infrastructure, making it a truly metropolitan area. This makes Durham property management even more desirable for the communities that are springing up in this growing area.

An increase in condo facilities in Durham Region is virtually guaranteed, with population growth projected to reach just under 1 million residents within the next 7 years. This rapid growth would represent a doubling in the population since 1991, encouraged by the dynamic landscape and unique combination of amenities that Durham Region provides.

Of particular note is that Durham Region is known for its strong residential development, making it a prime location for further growth. The area’s leadership is encouraging this growth, adopting a policy of community spirit and seeking ways to continually improve the quality of life for residents. We at ICC® understand these goals, and have many of the same objectives when it comes to serving our residential communities. Contact us today to discuss how we can serve your community with the personalized care and attention you and your residents deserve.

ICC® ’s skilled team is able to provide the best condo property management, maintaining and preserving the quality of buildings and grounds within each community and providing comprehensive financial and administrative services.

Commercial property management presents its own set of challenges and requirements. Cost control and tenant services are key in attracting and retaining long-term occupants.

When it comes to residential and rental property management, customizable services are important for controlling costs and enhancing revenue as well as services that takes the hassle out of being a landlord while caring diligently for residents and keeping them satisfied.

Outstanding Townhouse Property Management solutions provided by ICC®  are designed to take complete day-to-day administrative, financial, and maintenance care of your residential real estate portfolio in order to ensure that your property retains its value for multiple years to come.

1,000,000Next 7 year projected population growth

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