ICC Connect

What is ICC® Connect?

ICC® Connect is an industry-leading online system that brings all of your condo communications and record keeping online. Owners, residents, board members, your property manager and even security guards can all sign-in, view and update relevant records, and download any documents or information they require.

Benefits to ICC® Clients

By being a client of ICC®, you will have access to this unique online system that will not only improve communication in your condominium, but it will also vastly improve the transparency and efficiency in all aspects of your corporate management.

Here is a partial list of the modules currently included in ICC® Connect:

  • Receive announcements and documents from ICC® Property Management through email, rather than on paper
  • View all corporate documents (declaration, bylaws, rules and more) online
  • Track and manage service requests online
  • Manage amenity bookings online
  • Manage all security and concierge records (visitors, packages, shift logs, incident reports, key tracking) online through our system
  • Track board meeting activities and tasks
  • Track maintenance activities and reminders

How to Get Started

We are currently in the process of rolling out ICC® Connect to all existing ICC® clients. If ICC® Connect has not already been rolled out to your building, you can kick off the process by contacting your property manager.

For additional information or to get started, please contact Judy Statham at 905 940 1234 ext. 35.

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