Request a Status Certificate

There are two ways in which you can order a status certificate from ICC® Property Management Ltd.

Visit the head Office

You can either send a written request or come in person. If coming in person, you can bring along a written request. Otherwise, the receptionist has request forms available that can be completed on-site.

Any request provided should contain the name and telephone number of the person ICC® needs to contact regarding the certificate.

In addition to the request form, you must bring payment of $100.00. It must be in the form of cash, certified cheque, or money order, and must be payable to ICC® Property Management Ltd.

Uncertified checks cannot be accepted in payment for the status certificate. We apologize for any inconvenience.

When the certificate is ready for pick-up, ICC® will contact the requestor. Orders for a status certificate usually take to four to five business days. Under the Condominium Act of 1998, it cannot take longer than 10 days to fulfill a request for a status certificate. We also offer a “rush” service which guarantees the status certificate within 3 business days. There is an additional $200.00 charge for this expedited service.

The requestor can pick up the certificate in person We do not mail or courier the certificates. The documents are provided on a CD, and ICC® can produce additional copies for the real estate agent, lawyer, and owner. These documents should be kept securely with all other documents related to a given real estate transaction.

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Expectations of all applicants Use Online CONDUIT

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, users can visit and search for the property in question by address or corporation number. Setup is required for first time users, who should note their username and password to retrieve the certificate once it has been generated.

All forms are completed online and a $128.25 payment via credit card is required, which includes the convenience fee to the web service provider. Users will be notified via email when the PDF of the status certificate is available for download.

Users should check their spam or junk email to ensure delivery.
Expect delivery of the status certificate within two business days, though it can sometimes take longer. They can never take longer than 10 days to produce per the Condominium Act.

After it is ready, you can download or print the status certificate and provide it to all required parties, including the agents, lawyers, and mortgage companies.

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