Oakville Condo Management

Trust a professional team to manage administration and financial planning at your condo

Simplify Your Workday While Improving Resident Satisfaction With Oakville Condo Management

Work with award-winning condominium management to improve resident experience and support your condo board.

Why choose ICC Property Management for Oakville condo management?

  • Enjoy all-inclusive condo management including financial, administration, and community-building services.
  • Keep tenant expectations aligned with board priorities using our community management services.
  • Call our 24/7 emergency hotline to prevent minor incidents from ballooning into major issues.
  • Take charge of your finances with a full suite of financial services and advice on short and long-term planning.

Rely on a team with 30+ years of condo management experience to manage everything administration.

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Award-Winning Condo Property Management

Complete, End-to-End Condo Property Management

Unburden Your Board Members From Day-to-Day Tasks

With more than 32,000 units under management, there’s little that our team’s not seen or handled before.

Expertly handle resident requests, manage governing documents, and ensure compliance with the Condominium Act. 

Trust experienced property managers to support your board of directors and create a harmonious community for your residents.

Foster a Thriving Community

Elevate your community experience with our Oakville condo management. 

Foster strong connections among residents, promote social engagement, and create a vibrant living environment. Trust ICC to build a thriving community where residents feel valued, connected, and proud to call home. 

Keep residents engaged with comprehensive welcome packets at move-in, quarterly newsletters, and more.

Long-Term Condo Management

Secure your property’s future with long-term planning, advice and support. Gain market intelligence, make informed decisions to ensure your property’s sustained growth and success.

Prepare long-term plans for condo upgrades, structural repairs, and make your finances work for you. 

Receive 360-degree guidance from a 110-strong team on everything from compliance to complex financial matters.

Take Control of Your Budget

Financial mismanagement doesn’t just lower your return on investment, it can drive your property into the ground.

Hand over day-to-day financial tasks, preparation of yearly budgets, and financing planning to the experts. 

Make informed decisions about your property with comprehensive financial insights.

Take the Guesswork Out of Condo Management

Trust a premier Oakville condo management company to use tried best practices for expert property management.

Work With a Proven Partner


Years of professional property management


Units managed by ICC Property Management


Multi-disciplinary team of property managers

Oakville Condo Management

Comprehensive Condo Management Services

Eliminate the effort, expense, and hassle of managing your condo.

Rely on an award-winning condo management partner to handle everything from day-to-day operations to long-term planning.

Get the return on investment you expect, support your condo board, and support a thriving community with ICC Property Management.

Tailor Services to Your Needs

Pay for services that add value, not ones that don’t. Choose the services you need and maximize the value you receive.

Customized Services

Identify and opt for the services you need to support your operations and goals. We offer everything from condo administration to financial planning.

Take Control of Finances

Trust our expert advice to help you manage your budget professionally and make smarter investments for your real estate.

condo property management


Condo management is the professional oversight and administration of condominium corporations, ensuring smooth operation. 

It encompasses a wide range of services, including tenant request handling, financial management, and routine enforcement of community rules. 

Condo management aims to create a harmonious living environment, maintain property value, and address the needs of both individual unit owners and the overall community.

If you need to change your condo property management company, review your contract’s termination terms, this is the process:

  1. Research and interview the top property management companies near you
  2. Notify your current management of the termination
  3. Share relevant information with the new management team for a smooth transition

Consider ICC as a new partner. Contact us to get started.

With 30+ years of managing properties in Toronto and across the GTA and numerous awards, ICC Property Management is the top choice for condo property management in Oakville.

You will work with a company that takes pride in professionally managed condos that deliver the ROI you expect.

The cost of condo management fees varies depending on several factors, such as the size of the building, amenities offered and the level of service you require. 

Discuss your property and needs with an experienced condo manager to receive an accurate estimate. We offer competitively priced services and exceptional value for property owners in every engagement.

ICC Property Management

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