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Award-Winning Townhouse Property Management in Toronto, Hamilton, and More

ICC Property Management’s 20+ years of providing outstanding and experienced townhouse property management solutions will ensure that your investment property maintains its value, while taking complete day-to-day administrative, financial, and maintenance care of your residential real estate portfolio.

ICC® Townhouse Property Management Services Include:

  • Offer award-winning customer service
  • Deliver over 25+ years industry experience
  • Provide property management in Toronto and Hamilton
  • Are in complete compliance with all industry regulations

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Leading Townhouse Property Management for Toronto, Hamilton, & More

Unlike high-rise buildings, townhouse developments have unique needs requiring specialized expertise in order to manage properly. Differences in building structures, utilities delivery, security perimeters, upkeep and maintenance, as well as property access factors can pose challenges which traditional property management companies may not be equipped to deal with.

As the industry leader specializing in condo and rental property townhouses across the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, Ontario, ICC Property Management’s recognized quality service allows the development or individual property owner to ensure that their investment is managed safely, securely, and profitably.

A Full Service Townhouse Property Management Company

ICC offers a suite of property management services to ensure compliance with all industry regulations, including provisions mandated under the Condominium Act. From administrative and financial services to community and maintenance concerns, our team is ready to take complete day-to-day care of your townhouses.

Our Townhouse Property Management Services Include:

Taking care of your investment means providing day-to-day administrative services you can trust. Our administrative services includes providing oversight of all activities required to support your townhouse property and real estate portfolio, such as maintenance coordination and rent collection.

Providing a sense of community is essential for your residents’ happiness and well-being. At ICC Property Management, we believe that community building is just as important to your investment property’s sustainability as any other activity.

Ontario has a special set of regulations governing the oversight and management of condominium properties. Condo townhouse owners can rest easy knowing that all our staff have extensive experience working within these regulations, and all of our services are provided in full compliance with the provisions of the Ontario Condominium Act.

Whether you own residential or commercial properties, ICC’s financial services provide the comprehensive and detailed financial documentation and reporting you need to preserve your investment. Our financial services team will handle everything from disclosures, reporting, as well as overseeing budgets.

Keeping your townhouse property in top shape is key to preserving the value of your investment. Our maintenance management solutions take care of everything, from regular repairs and upkeep to preventative maintenance.

Peace of Mind for Residential/Commercial Owners

ICC Property Management has provided award-winning management solutions and customer service for over 25+ years, and we are proud to come so highly recommended by our clients. Whether your investment portfolio requires residential property management in downtown Toronto, or commercial townhouse property management in Hamilton, Our friendly and dedicated team will ensure that your property will retain its value for years to come.

Contact our team today for a free proposal, and learn how we can deliver the property services you need for success.

Condo Owners – Learn the Top 6 Issues in Condo Property Management

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