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Are You Looking To Remove The Hassle Of Collecting And Compiling Financial Information?

Collecting and maintaining financial information relating to your condominium can be aggravating. ICC® provides, in conjunction with our condominium management services, financial services. We take care of frustration so you can enjoy the benefits of your property without any of the hassles.

The financial services ICC® provides:

  • Are backed by our expertise and insight gained from years in the industry
  • Perform all necessary collection and deposit activities
  • Generate accurate statements for decision-making purposes on a regular basis
  • Active communication – you’re kept aware of everything you need to know
  • Actionable data so you can improve your business
  • Potential utility savings through our partnerships

Responsible financial practices are an important aspect of condominium management. Protecting the corporation’s financial assets is necessary in order to shield unit owners from possible special assessments, to ensure that board members are properly doing their jobs, and to maintain property values throughout the community.

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As experienced professionals and one of the top condo management companies Toronto has to offer, ICC® understands the importance of these key financial functions. They have the knowledge and insight necessary to provide compliant financial services in every respect.

On a monthly basis, ICC® is capable of performing all collections and deposit activity and can provide comprehensive services regarding the collection on delinquent accounts. They also serve residents and owners by ensuring the generation of accurate statements and can provide key information to the board for future decision-making purposes. ICC® also ensures timely payment of contractors and employees, ensuring the proper processing of invoices and implementation of the right approval controls.

Communication is also essential, which is why ICC® provides notations explaining monthly variances in expenditures versus the budget, and can also explain the funds invested and the breakdown of any accounts receivable. They can also generate a Statement of Operations to keep activities transparent.

For long-term planning, ICC® provides insightful data that the board can use in setting aside reserve funds in the event of major maintenance and repairs that might be needed in a given development. They even assist with the development of an annual budget and can handle all of the necessary banking matters.

All of these services are performed in a timely and cost-efficient manner and are provided in conjunction with their condo management maintenance services.

There are also added benefits to working with ICC®, there are also advantages in the form of potential utility savings. ICC® has a natural gas purchase agreement with ECNG Inc, that allows them to purchase natural gas in bulk. ICC® then passes these savings along to members and clients in the form of a gas rebate. This service is also available for electricity thanks to the deregulation that occurred several years ago.

We can help take care of these tedious details while making sure they’re done right, leaving you more time to focus on your business. Contact us today to get started.

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