Condo Management in Toronto

Looking For Experienced and Expert Condo Management For Your Toronto-Area Property?

ICC® Property Management takes the guesswork out of managing your condominium property thanks to our 20-years of award-winning administrative, community, financial, and maintenance services.

With ICC® Property Management You Can:

  • Partner with the premier management company in Toronto
  • Benefit from our wide-ranging condominium experience
  • Protect your investment with comprehensive maintenance services
  • Ensure your compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Experience our full financial and administration services
  • Leave the management duties to us!
Condo Management Toronto
Condo Management in Toronto

A small townhouse company has different property management needs than a large high-rise condominium building. This fact may seem self-evident, but condo property management Toronto can vary in terms of needs and scope and a good management company should be able to adapt. Fortunately, for ICC® Property Management, while the scope of services might be different for each client, the quality and integrity of those services does not. ICC® can provide custom-tailored condo property management Toronto owners need in the following areas:

Our condominium administrative services in Toronto include ensuring compliance with all of the provisions of the Condominium Act, as well as the governing documents of each community.

Effective condo property management requires regular communication with residents so that they know what is going on, from a welcome packet to regular newsletters containing important updates.

Attentive property managers should know how to arrange for long-term planning for structural repairs, as well as complex financial concerns as part of their comprehensive condominium management services.

From the preparation of comprehensive financial reports to the compilation of an annual budget, financial services are an integral part of condominium management.

A big part of Toronto condo management is keeping buildings looking new and modern through regular repairs and upkeep, from landscaping to paint and meticulous maintenance of the common areas.

Condominium Property Management In Toronto

The concerns faced by condo communities have many similarities and many differences compared to Real Estate clients requiring commercial property management in Toronto, which is why these are separate and distinct services. ICC® is among the premier condo property management companies Toronto has to offer.

With more than two decades of experience, they bring to the table the knowledge and passion of two well-respected professionals in the field. R.C.M. and Chief Visionary Officer Steven Christodoulou, RCM, is personally involved with each and every client in the ICC® portfolio. He works with his Senior Staff to provide comprehensive services custom-tailored to each client’s needs.

The ICC® portfolio consists of clients large and small, but each client experiences a customer-centric approach. Rather than dealing with a large conglomerate, customers are comforted knowing that ICC® has only their best interests at heart. They work with diligence and integrity and are proud of the skills they can bring to the table, whether managing a large high-rise building or a small collection of close-knit condo owners.ICC® still manages is very first client of over 25+ years!!

Particularly for larger clients, having a dedicated property management company is essential. When dealing with high-end communities, discerning residents expect nothing but the best in service. That is why ICC® offers their 24 hour, 7 day emergency hotline, so that residents know that they can be well taken care of, even in the event of an after-hours emergency.

A unique aspect of ICC® as one of the leading condo property management companies Toronto has to offer is dedication to serving both the board of directors and the residents of a given community. Both residents and community leaders must feel positive about the services that ICC® provides for the community to thrive.

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