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Are You Looking To Save Money On Energy Costs For Your Property?

Keeping your energy costs low without sacrificing on quality is critical to the success of any property. ICC®, alongside our various partners, are able to provide you with complete control over every aspect of your energy expenditures.

ICC® ’s energy management services:

  • Help you save money on your energy portfolio
  • Identify risk and potential opportunities due to changes in regulations
  • Provide opportunities to reduce your energy costs
  • Are backed by our years of experience leading Toronto’s property management services

By leveraging our relationship with Blackstone Energy Services Inc., we’re uniquely able to manage the energy portfolios of our clients. Their expertise at managing energy costs in tandem with our industry-leading experience means we can save you as much money as possible on energy costs without sacrificing quality.

Our approach and service offering addresses the three main energy “silos”


Why Partner With Us?

Clients who work with us gain insight into how to control their energy portfolio. Instead of accepting high energy costs, we work proactively to maintain or improve the quality of life of your occupants while lowering costs through the use of more efficient mechanisms.
Today’s energy market undergoes upheavals due to changes in technology and government policy. While these do pose risks, they can also provide unique opportunities to save money. ICC® helps our clients leverage these opportunities and mitigate any risks to help ensure that your business benefits from as many of these changes as possible.
In addition, we help our client quickly attain both their short and long term energy goals by leveraging our expertise and relationships in the industry.

One of the services we provide for our clients is the management of both their natural gas and electricity budgets. Because of our years of expertise managing energy costs for clients, we’ve developed a clear knowledge of how to manage utilities budgets.
As part of our experience, we’re able to effectively and quickly identify opportunities for clients to reduce their energy spend as well as manage the overall volatility of their budget.
In addition, we also provide both billing and rate plan verification, as well as invoice processing. This makes the process as easy as possible for you so you spend less time managing minor details and are able to focus more on managing your business.

By leveraging our unique relationships with various suppliers, we’re able to provide you with many different procurement options to ensure you can make the best possible choice. In addition, we’ll negotiate on your behalf, alongside Blackstone, to get you the most favourable rates for your natural gas costs.

One of the challenges of working in Canadian markets is the heavy regulation imposed on the energy sector. Part of our service offering is that we’ll inform all of our clients of any incoming changes that may impact their utility costs.

As part of this process, we’ll identify applicable government programs that allow you to reduce your energy spending. These suggestions are always made with your unique building and circumstances in mind.

By leveraging our expertise, we’ll perform both energy and building audits to determine if there are opportunities to cut energy costs. During this process, we’ll focus on lighting, mechanical devices, HVAC systems, carbon monoxide, air flows, building controls, energy management systems, and metering.

We work with a range of partners to help ensure that our clients get the best possible value and service. These include:

  • Eco Energy Licensed
  • BCIN Licensed
  • TSSA Registered
  • CanSIA Certified
  • Geothermal Certified
  • Gas Technicians
  • Hydronic Combination Experts
  • Tankless DHW Certified

The process we use is thorough and allows us to identify potential for higher efficiency rates. It begins by evaluating the existing spending on utilities, rate plans, and contract structure. From there we examine all of the energy intensive components in your building. Once that process is completed, we can explore any possible risks and opportunities that exist through government programs as well as our own connections, and then suggest courses of action based on our findings.

After we’ve identified all possible opportunities, we can create a thorough set of goals, and outline steps that need to be taken to achieve them. At the end of that process, we implement any desired changes to your building.

Our expertise combined with our partnerships allows us to effectively manage your energy needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you save money.

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