ICC Talks to Radio Canada about EV Charging Stations

ICC Chief Visionary Officer Steven Christodoulou along with ICC Director Sujith Varughese spoke with CBC Radio Canada for an interview for a piece about electric vehicle charging stations in condominiums. ICC Property Management has been in business for over 30 years providing property management services to condominium, townhome, and multi-unit residential communities.

Christodoulou noted that while the wide availability of electric vehicles on the market is making EV charging stations an increasing necessity, condo associations in Ontario are hamstrung by the Condo Act forbidding reserve funds from being used for anything other than repair or replacement of existing infrastructure.

That means that condo boards looking to install charging stations in their lots must budget for the charging stations separately. While some are installing upon request at the owner’s expense, Christodoulou says several of the properties he manages began installing before a request was made by any owner.

A proactive approach to EV charging stations will be paramount to ensuring condo communities remain a desirable investment as electric vehicles become more common on the road. If your condo board is considering installing charging stations in your lot, consider partnering with ICC Property Management. We have seen over 30% of our eligible buildings install charging stations. Contact us for help with your EV charging station plan.

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