We have all been watching the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, and the rapidly changing circumstances, and responses around the world and in our city.  Again, kindly note that it is not our intention to create fear and/or panic in our community. This circular is intended to create continued awareness and preparedness for our residents and building staff.

The health and safety of our residents and staff remains our top priority. The measures that were announced recently seemed reasonable and responsible at the time, and conformed with prevailing wisdom at the time.  As the situation expands and escalates, what seemed reasonable just a few days ago is now seen to be inadequate. 

With the escalation of cases in our city and measures implemented by the Government of Ontario and Canada as well as Toronto Public Health, we write to advise you that the Board of Directors and Management are implementing additional measures for our condominium community moving forward. We have consulted with counsel, considered measures put in place by other buildings around us and taken guidance and recommendations from ICC, our property management company, who have themselves consulted with counsel, industry experts and Toronto Public Health.


/Residents Coming Home

Based on the seriousness and the escalation of isolation measures set out by Canada Health and Toronto Public Health, residents returning home from anywhere in the world, including but not limited to, the USA, must isolate for 14 days. These measures do not exempt condominium buildings. The period of isolation requires all residents to stay home, not socialize, not going for walks, etc.  

For more information in this matter, please visit Canada Health and Toronto Public Health

It is in the nature of our community that we live in close proximity, and it is essential that we all act responsibly and comply with the directions of public health officials. A community pandemic requires a community response, and we all have a part to play.

For those residents undergoing isolation, please contact the concierge desks or the management office via email or telephone should you require assistance such as collecting mail and/or parcels on your behalf.  Building staff will contact you to advise that items have been left by your door.



Given the current circumstances, valet services are discontinued until further notice.  All residents will be required to park and retrieve their own vehicle.  The valet staff will continue to be on site supporting the concierge on duty and the community as required. We must be mindful that this is a difficult and frightening time for our staff as well.


Contractors are required to exercise health and safety measures while on site such as wearing masks and wearing gloves. Effective immediately, contractors providing essential or emergency services to common elements will continue as needed.  However, suite work will be discontinued until further notice, unless an emergency.



  • Residents are asked to advise the Concierge in advance when expecting fast food, grocery, pharmacy and/or couriers
  • The Concierge will contact the resident by telephone to announce the delivery upon arrival
  • The resident will be required to meet the delivery person in the vestibule of each building to complete the transaction
    • If the resident is not able, due to isolation, the Concierge will accept the delivery in the vestibule and deliver it by your door 

Deliveries and


Please limit the volume of parcels to be received to help mitigate the risk to front desk staff. When your parcel arrives, you will be notified as usual via email or telephone, however, please do not come down the to concierge to retrieve your parcel. Instead, contact concierge to arrange for a suitable time to bring your parcel to your suite. 

Large deliveries


In order to minimize exposure to our community, we ask that all large deliveries requiring the service elevator or moving room be postponed to a later date.  If you have an essential delivery that cannot be postponed, please contact the management office for special arrangements and proper delivery protocol instructions.



Except for residents in self isolation or quarantine, you may pick up your mail as usual.  Please remember to keep 2 metres (6 feet) away from any other residents and wait for appropriate space outside the mail area if needed.  Newspaper delivery to your suite door, if applicable will continue at this time.



The garbage chutes and refuse rooms are potential transmission areas, and as such, we ask all residents to reduce the number of occasions these areas are used. Always wear gloves and thoroughly clean and sanitize your hands after usage.  If you are in self isolation, or quarantine, please contact the concierge or management to make arrangements for waste disposal.


Please ensure to follow proper protocol; A maximum of three (3) persons per elevator car at any one time is the recommended maximum during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please wait for the next elevator cab if required. Please do not touch the elevator call buttons, railings, etc. with bare hands.


We encourage keeping visitors to a minimum. Effective immediately, visitors will be registered with the concierge and will be required to sign a declaration form before entering the premises. The visitor will be required to declare if he/she has symptoms such as cough, fever and/or shortness of breath, if the person has been travelling outside of Canada within the last 14 days and/or if the person has  been in contact with someone who is confirmed or who is being evaluated for COVID 19.


Residents will be required to bring their pet down via the dog walkways to meet the dog walkers at either walkway. If the resident is in isolation, the dogwalker will be permitted to enter the premises via the dog walkway and will be fob to the respective floor.



Residents please consider the need before engaging the services.  If residents are under isolation, it is recommended that residents be in a separate room from the spaces being cleaned. Housekeepers are required to exercise health and safety measures while on site such as wearing masks and wearing gloves.



There has not been a government mandate on the deferral of monthly common element (maintenance) fees. Your condominium corporation is a not for profit organization.  Each owner must contribute their monthly common expenses in a timely manner to ensure that the condominium’s financial obligations are met. The annual budget does not allow for a surplus to offset or finance delinquent owners. Payments to the condominium are to continue as usual, and will be collected as such by ICC Property Management to ensure the financial obligations of the Corporation are met.


ICC Property Management

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