What is a Stacked Townhouse?

First-time homebuyers are eager to get out there and explore their options, and stacked townhouses are definitely one worth considering. 

Offering a modern blend of convenience and comfort, these properties are in high demand and can be the ideal way to begin investing in Toronto real estate. In this post, we breakdown stacked townhouses and the pros and cons that they offer.

What is a Stacked Townhouse?

A stacked townhouse is a cross between a condo and a townhouse. Like traditional townhouses, stacked townhouses are attached dwellings, each with their own front door. The units are arranged in a two-story design. 

But just like condos, a stacked townhouse contains multiple units in each building. Typically, one unit makes up the first floor or basement with an additional unit available for the second and / or third floors. 

They are “stacked” on top of one another, making them a unique type of housing design that’s becoming popular in bigger cities like Toronto and Montreal.

Stacked Townhouse Pros and Cons 

You’ve likely seen plenty of stacked townhouse and condo townhouse options available in the real estate market, and for good reason. 

A stacked townhouse in Toronto can offer first-time homebuyers some great advantages over other rental options. But just what are those advantages? Let’s look at the pros and cons

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A key benefit of stacked townhomes is cost. As developers can fit multiple units on the same amount of land as a traditional single-family home, you can get more square footage for a lower cost than you’d find with detached houses of a similar size. For first-time home buyers, this can be a big selling point.

Interior Space

A unique benefit of a stacked town house compared to condos or apartments is the way interior space is arranged. 

Your stacked townhouse is laid out more like a house than a condo. Your dining room and living room will be on the lower floor, with bedrooms on the upper floor. 

Living areas may be open concept or traditionally segmented. Either way, this multi-floor separation makes them a fantastic home to entertain in, with upgraded amenities in many properties.

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Outdoor Space

A stacked townhome offers more outdoor space amenities than condos, often including a front yard, backyard, or a rooftop terrace

Some even come with other amenities, such as underground parking, to help protect your car from the elements. 

This is another way that a stacked condo townhouse creates that home-y feel that young families and first-time homebuyers may be looking for.

Of course, a condo townhouse en suite does come with a few drawbacks as well. 

Maintenance Fees

As a shared type of property, stacked townhomes may come with maintenance or rental fees that buyers will be responsible for. These may include fees for the building’s gas or water tanks, or costs for outdoor maintenance. 

While these costs are generally much lower than you’d pay managing everything in a single family home, they’re worth being aware of.

Proximity to Others

For those seeking privacy, stacked townhomes aren’t always the best option. You’ll be living alongside others in the building, sharing a floor and ceiling with the other unit. 

This can lead to some noise pollution and complications if you don’t get along with your neighbors. 

However, stacked townhomes do feature private entrances, but you’ll be living in a shared building all the same.

Stairs and Mobility

An unfortunate reality of stacked townhomes is that upper floor residents will need to manage stairs on a regular basis. This can make things like moving or hauling groceries more difficult, particularly for those with impaired mobility. 

Those considering stacked townhomes should keep this in mind and ask themselves whether this aspect may detract from their living experience. 

Stacked Townhouses: Are They a Good Investment?

Stacked townhomes have plenty of great features to consider for first-time buyers, most notable of which is the low initial price tag. 

Those looking to invest in a home can get their feet wet with a reasonably-priced stacked townhouse. These properties offer the comfort of detached-home living with the convenience of a condo layout. 

But like any real estate decision, buyers need to approach the process with care if they hope to invest in a property and resell it later. 

For those buying in Toronto, the best approach is to get insight into the process with the help of experts such as those at ICC Property Management. 

Working with the ICC team allows you to leverage our years of experience to help you find the perfect stacked townhouse for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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