Top 10 Lighting Ideas For Your Condominium

If you live in a condominium, you understand how challenging home decorating can be, especially with light fixtures. You have limited space to work with so you need some creativity and ingenuity to make it happen. 

The good news is that you can free-up valuable floor real estate and move your lighting to the wall and ceiling. Instead of using floor lamps next to a table or sofa, consider mounting task lights and swing arm condo lighting solutions. Here are the top 10 lighting ideas that can make your condo more appealing and comforting:

#1: Use Rail Lights

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Rail lights derive their name from the fact that they come as a row of lights attached to a single track or bar. The rail attaches to the condominium ceiling or wall and you can adjust the separate fixtures to highlight certain areas of the room. 

They are perfect for your living room where you can focus on your home décor, including sculptures and other artwork. You can also use them to define any kind of atmosphere or set the mood. If you have shadowy crannies and nooks that require some lighting, rail lights are your best bet.

#2:  Choose the Right Lampshades

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Lampshades play a critical role in condo lighting ideas. When used correctly, they can make a huge difference in the quality of light you get out of your lamps. However, you need to understand your lighting goals when choosing lamp shades. For example, lighter lampshades will allow more light indoors while darker shades make light more localized and shine below and above the fixtures.

It’s okay to forego traditional lampshades if you want to flood your condo with light. Instead, choose lights with mesh or gala shades, or opt for Edison-style lighting solutions that leave the bulbs exposed.

#3: Use Sconces

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This is another modern condo lighting solution designed for corridors with a lot of wall space. You can light up such spaces with sconces. When used in the bedroom, sconces mix well with ceiling lighting, so you can switch between the two options depending on your mood and preference. 

Sconces are typically designed to provide minimal light and add drama to a small space. You can achieve brighter effects by installing more of them or replacing the bulbs with those that provide white illumination.

#4: Install Pendants

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Pendants are perfect for condo kitchen lighting where a lot of light is required. If you don’t have adequate natural light in your kitchen you can emphasize task areas with pendant lights. They dangle over center islands and tables to provide just the right amount of light you require for the task you’re doing at the moment. Most pendant lighting sources are highly decorative, so you can use them to complement your indoor décor.

#5: Warm Up To Incandescent Light

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Your condo lighting solutions should make your space inviting – you don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in a cold waiting room. Stick with bulbs that emit a softer, yellow light. Such lights are more relaxing and send signals to your body to relax for better night sleep. To get that soft, yellow light, you need to consider incandescent lighting fixtures.

#6: Consider Chandeliers

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This is another condo living room lighting solution that is similar to pendant lights. However, chandeliers involve more than one bulb, enabling them to provide more light for your living room. They are generally more elaborate in design, so you can use them as a centerpiece for your living room or dining area where people will notice right away. And since condos involve limited space, a 6-foot glass creation might appear better in a soft-type setup or rooms with high ceilings.

#7: Don’t Forget Task Lighting

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When choosing condo kitchen lighting ideas, it’s important to consider the overall brightness in the room as well as task lights for areas where you’ll need focused light for a task. Task lighting is critical in a condo kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting fixtures will provide all the light you need to see various tasks at hand on your kitchen counter.

#8: Pin Lights

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Pin lights are used more as accessory lighting solutions. They work well in the hallway, bedroom, or rooms that need a more mysterious or intimate mood. Alternatively, you can use them to add to your existing lighting schemes in other places around your condo, like a small balcony. Other than overhead lights, pin lights work well for condo balcony lighting and other outdoor spaces.

#9: Aim High With Exquisite Ceiling Fixtures

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Incorporating a gorgeous ceiling fixture will direct visitors’ attention upward and open up your condominium space. A large or over-scale ceiling fixture adds illumination and drama, tricking the eye into believing the space is much larger than it actually is. Most interior designers utilize this strategy to create an illusion of wider spaces.

However, it doesn’t mean you should totally nix all other lighting sources. Ceiling lights don’t work as standalones if you already lack adequate natural light. Ceiling lights can brighten a whole room when combined with other lighting fixtures. A single overhead lighting fixture used as the sole source of light is heinous and does little to enhance the room.

#10: Install a Mirror on the Wall

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It’s common knowledge that mirrors make rooms appear larger. Place mirrors directly opposite windows to help bounce back light around the room and maximize natural light in the room. It’s a great way to create an illusion that there are multiple windows in the condo.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right lighting solution for your condo will depend largely on the aesthetics you want to achieve. However, beyond the looks, you want something that will produce the right kind of light for specific rooms in the condo and the task at hand.

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