Guest Blog : 5 Ways to Decorate Your Studio-type Condo

Condominiums are quickly becoming the residential place of choice by a lot of people. And rightfully so, as they are strategically situated in the heart of the city, which makes them close to important facilities and institutions like workplaces, schools, hospitals, and malls.

These stylish urban living spaces, however, have their own share of disadvantages, and one of the most problematic ones would be limited space. Because of this, a lot of condo owners opt not to put a lot of decorations in their humble abode, as it would only clutter the little space that could be used for other things.

If that is your current conundrum with your condominium unit, then don’t worry. If a very dirty carpet can be resolved by carpet cleaning in Geelong or anywhere else in the world, then here are some answers to recreate your condo décor, regardless of the size.


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A White Beginning

One of the many colors that can give off an illusion of open space is white. Beige also works just as well. Therefore, if you are going to paint the walls and ceiling, it would be preferable if it would be of these two colors.

Aside from the fact that they make your place seemingly more spacious, they also serve as an effective background for your furniture, ornaments, and other decorations in your home.

Brighten Things Up

Another usual problem that arises from a condominium’s limited living space is low lighting. After all, the smaller a place is, the less windows it may have, making the place seem darker than it usually is. A good way to counter this effect would be to put a lot of brightly-colored decorations.

Go for colorful accessories like pillows, candles, flowers, and other small ornaments to make the condo apartment seem brighter. You can also either choose a warm theme – red, orange, and yellow – to energize you or your visitors, or a cool one – blue and green – to create a more relaxed feeling.


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Darkly Furnished

While this tip may seem contradictory to the previous point, it’s actually not. First off, dark furniture can help hide how space-constrained your condominium is, as it doesn’t seem to take up much space when placed in a small room.

In addition, since you’ll already be using brightly-colored ornaments in your condo home, it’s only right for you to go for dark furniture in order for the two to complement each other.

Hanging Out

A lot of people, probably including you, don’t really see walls as a good place to put things on. That is until you realize that your walls are bare. This makes your apartment seem too bland, uninspired, and empty.

Fill the blank canvas of your walls with different ornaments such as paintings, pictures, sconces, wall sculptures, stylish mirrors – what you can put on your wall is only as limited as your creativity and sense of aesthetic.


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Going Green

Condo life seems easy and sophisticated, but it can also be stifling and hard to breathe at times because of the strictly-urban setting. To alleviate this feeling, even in the slightest way possible, get indoor houseplants.

Cacti, succulents, small flowering plants, and other green life that are easy to take care of should give your city home a touch of Mother Nature.

Curtain Call

People usually get a curtain just for the sake of blotting out the sunlight and obscuring the view of anyone looking at their window. Rarely do they realize that it’s one of the many things that help decorate a living space.

Don’t always just go for plain white curtains; get creative and try to go for a curtain that matches the theme you have.

No matter how small or stuffy your condo may seem, there’s always room for decorations to spruce up your space. Because when it comes to how it looks, there’s always room to improvement.

Author Bio:

Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student- writer based in Manila, Philippines. She is a student of Interior Design and love to explore places that offers extraordinary experience. Connect with her on Twitter

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