Don’t Let Small Condo Space Keep Away Holiday Cheer: One of the Best Toronto Property Management Companies Offers Holiday Decorating Ideas for Smaller Condos

Housing in Toronto is an ongoing issue. Prices fluctuate widely, sometimes getting excessively high for smaller spaces, and it can make having a family-appropriate space difficult. Toronto’s average condo size is currently 797 square feet. This is quite a big difference from prior averages; for example, from 2005 until 2010, average sizes varied from 875 square feet to as much as 925.

Due to the shrinking space, one of the top property management companies in Toronto, Ontario, ICC®, is offering condo owners some advice: just because you have a smaller condo doesn’t mean you have to forego your desired holiday decorating!

We’ve put together some of the best ideas for decorating in a small space so that you can experience the most holiday cheer possible. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to better operate as a community for the holidays, you may also want to check out our valuable eBook, available for download from our website, that discusses condo management issues and ways boards, residents, and Toronto property management companies can work well together on all aspects of condo living and administration.

Note: Before you do much decorating, particularly on the exterior of your condo unit, always make sure you consult with your property manager. Some communities have limits or restrictions on what can be placed outside of your condo, as well as fire and safety regulations that you should follow for the good of your overall community.  Also, please check to ensure how long you are allowed to keep holiday decorations up.  Most condominiums have rules pertaining to this.

1) Dress up Your Windows.

After making sure these types of decorations are okay with your condo board, then find a classy way to decorate your windows! Some stores offer inexpensive but tasteful looking window clings in a variety of holiday designs. You might also try taking some colourful ribbon and using it to create a zig-zag pattern across your window, then hanging ornaments at various points along the ribbon.

2) Use Your Railings.

For condo communities where your Toronto property management company authorizes external decorations, then make use of the railings on your balcony, or on any internal railings contained within your unit. Try stringing them with twinkling holiday lights, or affix some tree boughs adorned with ribbons or ornaments for some added color.

3) Adorn your Mantle.

Do you have an in-unit fireplace? The mantle is the perfect place to add some holiday cheer. Add some ribbons across the front, as well as the traditional stockings. If you don’t have a fireplace, then consider using the same kind of decorations to hang off of the ends of your end tables, dressers, and countertops.

4) Dress up Doorways and Ceilings.

You obviously do not have a lot of walking room as it is, so why not add twinkling lights or snowflake ornaments to your décor? Most property management companies in Toronto, Ontario are happy to have residents do such simple, safe decorations around the complex. Try stringing up lights around the frames of doors and windows, or hanging them from the ceiling with removable hooks. You can even do this with mirrors and other pictures throughout your condo unit.  Check with your Property Manager or get involved with a decorating committee to dress up your condominium.

condo-space25) Have a Christmas Tree – Just Keep it Small.

If it simply doesn’t feel like Christmas without the tree, consider getting a miniature one to decorate and put gifts underneath. Not only are you keeping your own holiday spirit alive, but you are also helping support a valuable industry in Canada. Canada supplies almost 2 million Christmas trees each year, with a value of $28.2 million to the economy.

6) Don’t Forget the Mistletoe.

Small, affordable, and fun, mistletoe can be hung in strategic places throughout your condo unit, adding a splash of colour while not taking up much space, and offering plenty of opportunities for holiday surprises.

7) Pick Light Holiday Scents.

Nothing quite matches the kinds of smells you get during the holidays – from baking cookies to the smell of cinnamon and pine, these scents often bring to mind the holiday spirit, even without a visual display. While you should pick scents that do not travel too far in order to be considerate of any neighbours with allergies, you can often find perfect little scented candles or air fresheners that will fit nicely in little spaces throughout your condo.

8) Fill up Your Empty Walls.

If you haven’t had a chance to hang your artwork yet, you can always make use of your vertical space by hanging up holiday-themed artwork, or other wreaths and decorations. You may even want to make holiday or seasonal artwork a staple of your condo décor. You can often find good deals on art and decorations just after the holidays, and you can keep different pieces to rotate out throughout the year as the seasons change. If you need help figuring out the best ways to hang the artwork, consult with your Toronto property management company.

9) Get Holiday Dishes.

While you may not have a lot of room to decorate leading up to the holidays, you can still make your holiday meal a special one by laying out holiday-themed dishes, napkins, and centrepieces. Many places have tasteful holiday place settings in a variety of colours, and you can often find themed serving dishes right around the holidays that are highly affordable as well. Add some red and green napkins and you will be ready to serve the ideal holiday dinner. Don’t forget to look for holiday placemats and table cloths as well to add to the motif.

10) Decorate Your Chairs.

Any furniture can lend itself to some holiday cheer. Put out some decorative throw pillows or blankets, or even add some ribbon to the backs of your dining room chairs or stools for some added colour and flair.

What kinds of holiday decorations do you enjoy? How do you incorporate them into a smaller space? Share with your property management companies in Toronto in order to help other residents enjoy the holidays even more.

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