Top 10 Condo Kitchen Decoration Ideas

If you’re planning to move into a new condo or just renovating one to enhance comfort and aesthetics, your kitchen will certainly come on top of the list. One problem with potential condo kitchen decorations is the minimal floor and wall space you have to work with. You need to be extremely creative to make the most out of your small condo kitchen.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together the top 10 condo kitchen decorating ideas to help you jazz up your small kitchen without compromising your cooking style. Let’s get started!

1. Reorganize Your Kitchen Tools as Art

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Get some inspiration from modern restaurant kitchens that use industrial wall hardware and racks for kitchen tools storage. Some cool ideas for storing utensils and tools on the kitchen wall include:

  • Hang racks for utensils – Use a simple bar with some hooks to hold utensils with a loop or hole in them. You can also use baskets to hang on the rack to keep smaller items like spoons.
  • Paint and hang a pegboard – Use it to hang your tools and add aesthetics in the process. Keep the items organized by use or by color.
  • Use wall magnets to store spice jars and knives.

 2. Get the Right Kitchen Lighting

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You’ll want to use decorative lighting fixtures in this small yet bright condo kitchen. The right mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting can open up space and make the environment pleasant. Consider ceiling light along the entire length of the kitchen to create adequate ambient light while dispelling shadows in the corners. Alternatively, you could use a series of track lights or pendant lights.

3. Paint the Walls and Cabinets with Ambient Colors

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Maybe you’re simply looking for a tiny bit of boldness to give your condo kitchen some personality. You could consider fun and funky colors by pairing white walls with emerald cabinets. Typically, the colors will pop, but they won’t appear so crazy that you’ll regret the paint job in a year or two.

4. Cook Up a Small Dining Area

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If you have little floor space, don’t worry! All you need to craft a small dining area for one or two people is a tiny table tucked in an open space. You could have it between cabinets and your appliances to create a hyper-efficient (and completely lust-worthy) kitchen.

5. Add Soft Touches to your Decor

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This condo kitchen decoration idea is particularly useful if you have an open plan where every room spills into the next. If you have a window in your condo kitchen, consider adding drapes to invite the same coziness in your living room, encasing you in purposeful design.

6. Create Your Own Upper Cabinetry

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If you aren’t blessed with tons of cabinetry to stash away all your utensils, pots, and pans, you can create your own upper cabinetry to add some storage space with some artistry. You can take a cue from vignettes that use simple yet stunning copper bars to add hanging space.

7. Pot Racks 

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While most condo kitchens don’t have adequate space for large, rectangular pot racks, you can find options for smaller spaces. And you don’t have to hang pot racks from the ceiling – there are options that you can mount on walls like a pegboard.

8. Make a Statement on the Floor

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You can add a wow factor to your kitchen by using geographic tiles to take your condo kitchen to new style heights. In a tiny room, tiles can make a significant design impact, and since you have minimal square footage, the cost won’t be outrageous. Even if you’re a renter, you can opt for peel-and-stick floor tiles that are great for condo kitchens.

9.  More Counter Space

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If your aim is to create a contemporary condo kitchen space, the element of minimalist, uncluttered kitchen counters should be your priority. This design looks modern and adds a counter area, which makes it easier to prep and cook. Start by putting away all small appliances and countertop tools. You can then add a low-profile ceramic cooktop, a cooktop cover, and a rolling butcher block.

10. Add a Vibrant Rug

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Keep your kitchen cozy and full of style by adding a vibrant vintage-style rug. For a narrow galley-style condo kitchen, go with a runner or try something more square and compact.

Bottom Line

When it comes to condo kitchen design ideas, bigger is not always better. You can make your small kitchen more efficient by conserving space through these tips. If you need some help with quality property management in Toronto, ON, consider giving us a call. We handle both single-unit and multi-unit properties, from high-rise condos to residential rental properties. If you’re in the GTA, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Markham, Scarborough, Milton, Newmarket, and Durham Region, we’ve got you covered.

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